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Premiered: 2008-07-06

AURIGA is the name of my main computer when I made this AMV. It has been premiered at Japan Expo AMV Contest 2008 and got 1st place. The premiere at the contest was kinda funny and disappointing since I was part of the staff and I was at the computer when we were showing the AMV. Everything worked fine, huge screen, many people, good sound… and suddenly, I look back at the screen and I notice a HUUUUUGE increasing audio/video delay fucking up all synchronization. That’s because we were playing the 60fps version on a single core laptop. Thankfully, I could bring a 30fps version for the 2nd screening in the huge room with 3 massive screens and it worked ok this time. I entered this AMV at many contests and won a lot of awards, trophies and prices.


  This project represents 4 months of work: 1 to select the footage and mix the song, 1 to cut and clean the footage, 1 for the basic editing, 1 to add effects and transitions. I didn’t have a clear idea of what the project would be like when I started, I just put pretty pictures on the timeline and I tried to create an atmosphere by altering colors, camera movements and making transitions.









Various (49)

  Ah! My Goddess (Movie)
Akai Ito (PS2)
Appleseed: Ex Machina (Movie)
Ashita No Kimi To Au Tame Ni (Game)
Carnelian (Game)
Chaos Wars (PS2)
Chrono Crusade (TV)
Clannad (TV)
Code Geass
Ef – A Tale Of Memories (TV)
Ef – The Latter Tale (Game)
Ergo Proxy (TV)
Ghost In The Shell: GIG2
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Global Astroliner Gou (OVA)
Gun X Sword
Gunbuster 2 (Aim For The Top! 2)
Haru No Ashioto (Game)
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (TV)
Kiddy Grade (2nd Season Promo)
Macross Frontier (TV)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Melody Of Oblivion
Night Wizard (TV)
Place Promised In Our Early Days
Pokémon Temple Of The Sea
Ray (TV)
Real Drive (TV)
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (TV)
Shakugan No Shana (TV)
Shakugan No Shana Second (TV)
Shining Force EXA (PS2)
Sky Girls (TV)
Starship Operators
Third, The (TV)
Tide-Line Blue
To Heart 2 (PS2)
Tokyo Underground
W-Wish (Double Wish)
Wild Arms 4 (Game)
Xross Scramble (Game)
Ys I & II: Eternal Story (PS2)
Zegapain (TV)


  I selected scenes from a lot of sources linked by the same kind of atmosphere. I must say that I haven’t seen even 10% of all those stuff. It’s mostly first episodes and openings/endings. Check out the ‘Making Of’ video for more information on the editing and footage name.





DJ Spoke – Watch Them Fall Down, progressive trance.
I mixed the Original version with the Montano Dub Remix.





  I always had a problem when watching an AMV. Getting the feeling that something wasn’t optimal in the video no matter how good the animation of the footage was, it seemed kinda slow or lagging. Then I discovered Twixtor, a plugin for Adobe Premiere which is able to interpolate extra frames to improve and smooth down animation. It’s a bit hard to use since there are no general settings that work in all circumstances. Indeed, depending on the velocity and variety of motions, the real fps (in general 7 or 15 in anime), luma, transition, etc… the settings have to be adjusted. The extra frames aren’t always very accurate especially in case of fast motion but it works pretty well in general. The render takes a LOT of time. About 1 frame each 3 seconds considering the resolution of the project (720p) and my hardware config (Q6600 quad core, win XP). It required a lot of effort and time but comparing the 60 fps version and the 30, I think it was worth it.

The 30 fps version of this AMV was made from the 60 removing 1 frame over 2. So when it isn’t synchronized with the real frames (not the extra ones) you should see some deformed pictures. Download 30 fps here.





1st at Japan Expo 2008
1st at Amonchakai 2008
Best Technical award at AWA 14
Best of Show Editor’s Choice award at NDK 2008
Best Upbeat/Fun award at Anime Evolution 2008
Best Editing award at Anime Evolution 2008
Best Dance & Best Visual & Overall Winner at Connichi 2008
Best Use of Multiple Anime Award at VCA 2009
Video of the Year Award at VCA 2009
Editor of the Year Award at VCA 2009






* h264 10bit requires heavy CPU power and updated codec like cccp


  1. DRAKYLA says:

    Одно из лучших твоих AMV
    И моё самое любимое, хотя мне одинакова нравятся что Running Man что Magic Pad.

  2. Enrage says:

    Awesome AMV =) I like it!

    P.S. 720p@60fps runs great on Samsung Galaxy S smartphone =)

  3. Arkados says:

    L’un de mes AMV favoris :)
    Et l’un des plus difficiles à streamer aussi, les encodeurs peinent comme pas possible en bitrate variable (ffmpeg s’en sort mieux en WebM, mais en Theora ça faisait un peu saigner des yeux et ça bouffait l’équivalent d’un épisode entier de 25 minutes + il fallait ~3,5 GHz monocoeur pour correctement décoder 60 FPS, c’était épique)

    Bientôt 2 ans déjà, mais cet AMV ne prend pas une ride. Bravo 😀

  4. Lelouch says:

    1 Of THE BEST AMVs I Seen Ever !
    Tu participe à un concours quelconque ? je suis sur que tu gagnera

  5. DJCosplay says:

    Nostromo, as it is called the font used to make the text AURIGA?, or a text is created only for the video?
    ahaha are the great mysteries and not resolved …
    I await your reply, thanks 😛 😀

  6. DJCosplay says:

    wow Nostromo, thank you very much again

  7. Elepole says:

    Le meilleur AMV que j’ai jamais vue ! Et le 60 fps c’est la cerise sur la gâteau !

  8. Lyric says:

    Pourquoi Nono est- elle mis en avant sur le montage d’Auriga?

  9. lyric says:

    Ok, La réplique “Parce-que” est de Nono Lili de Gunbuster 2!

  10. Mohamed says:

    best amv ever i was wondering if you could tell me how did you make some of the effects

    for example : in the making of Auriga
    how did you make this i mean how did you make it move according to the sound

    and this one is not supposed to be her but anyway
    how did you make those black horizontal lines and masked them on the characters


    • Nostromo says:

      Auriga making of beat lights : it’s not really an effect, I just had to put use a garbage matte to hide part of the white shape and then I mad this matte move frame by frame as the beat is rising to reveal the whole light shape. Then same operation but reversed when the beat is over. I did it frame by frame for 1 beat and I copy/pasted it until the end.
      Binary Overdrive scanlines : I used a lumakey filter in order to have an alpha track with only dark parts of the scene. Then I added a scanline effect to make those horizontal lines appear on dark parts.

  11. Ego says:

    really nice AMV, Nostromo you are the best, greetz from Germany

  12. Hadess says:

    Believe it or not , i just saw on youtube the moment when you won the AMV Contest at Japan Expo 2008 .
    You are really awesome .

  13. Kazami says:

    Merci Nostromo pour une telle qualiter de travail. Et pas qu’au niveau graphique, mais également les émotions que tu arrives à faire passé à travers chacune de tes réalisations. Je ne me lasse jamais de les regarder. Thank you a lot ! Et bonne chance pour tes prochaines réalisations :)

    Just a question: from what anime of game come the girl from capt 4 ? I’ve look from all the anime of the list…twice but…don’t find it -_- ;

  14. Falkentyn3 says:

    One of my favorite AMV’s. Though there are times when I wish I knew how you did some of the things you did. I got CS5.5 and am starting to make some AMV’s of my own.

    Wish I could just download the actual file and see your key’s and whatnot haha!

    Keep up the good work. Always will be a fan!

  15. Awesome! I really loved it! The music, trance (my favourite), and the anime I like, Diebuster 2I

    Nothing else to say, it’s perfect!


  16. steelbaz says:

    Auriga is a great piece of art. Excellent pairing of the song and various anime’. The color scheme has great ambiance and creates thick atmosphere. This is some of your best stuff.

  17. Nintendo Maniac 64 says:

    I find it interesting that you never made an h.264 1280×720 version. Is there a particular reason for this? I would think that you’d want to take advantage of the abundance of h.264 hardware-accelerated devices, especially with that 60fps.

  18. RainCloud says:

    My favorite AMV! You are the greates AMV maker ever!

    Ты лучший

  19. Adam says:

    Just saying, I downlaoded DJ Spokes versions of this song. (Bought them) And this remix is so much better. 😛

  20. Elohir says:

    J’ai découvert ce clip il y a quelques jours mais je ne me lasse pas de le regarder.

    Ma femme est autant que moi en admiration devant ce montage vidéo de toute beauté : choix musicale, synchro, rythme, graphisme, couleurs, effets, bref trop de choses à dire et surtout une émotion omniprésente.

    Bravo à toi pour l’ensemble de tes vidéos que je me suis empressé de récupérer, un régal pour les yeux et les oreilles mais aussi pour les sens. Merci à toi 😉

  21. Hola Nostromo! Solo te quería felicitar por tus AMV’s que me parecen fascinantes! Y realmente tienes muy imaginación e ideas al momento de editar. Haces un excelente trabajo en cada edición tuya :). Yo también editaba AMV’s pero hace tiempo ya que he dejado la edición, si queres pasar por mi canal de YouTube, tengo un par de videos viejos…

    Un abrazo grande desde ARGENTINA!

    PD: Si no entiendes de español usa algún traductor online 😉

  22. Shawn says:

    This is my favorite AMV of all time. Auriga is absolutely beautiful; words can’t even describe. The transitions and colors are amazing, and the way you make it all blend together and work so well with the music is really incredible. Your skills are truly godlike…

  23. Kyssifur says:


    may I ask you what level of speed did you use to make the 60 fps version? I mean, I figured out that I have to slow down the velocity of the original footage with twixtor, render it out – this took “only” 11 hours for me -, and then speed it up to normal (disabled resample), BUT, how slow (in percentage, you know, the 3rd row of settings) footage do you suggest to use for optimal results?

    Best regards,

    Peter (kyssifur)

    • Nostromo says:

      Depends on your footage’s real fps.
      If the real fps is 15. You have to speed it up by 400% (60fps) then slow it down with twixtor using 25% speed.
      => 15*4*0.25 = 15
      You keep same timespeed but with better frame rate.

      • Kyssifur says:

        Thank you for the fast reply!

        Just one thing disturbes me. The frame rate of Evangelion 1.11 & 2.22 is markedly 24 fps. I’ve heard about what you mentioned, this 15 fps thing, but I’m not sure about the new NGE movies regarding its frame rate. If the real fps is truly 24, should I reconsider your formula? (250%; and 24*2,5*0,4)

        • Nostromo says:

          It might be 24 for traveling and zooming camera movement but I doubt that the actual character animation is 1:1.
          If you want to work with 24, I suggest you start by changing the interpretation of the video footage to 30 (it makes all calculations easier but the video will play a little bit faster which for general editing it won’t be noticeable).
          Then change your scene speed to 200% and slow it down to 50% in Twixtor.
          => 30*2*0.5 = 30
          I you really want to keep 24 then your formula works : 24*2.5*0.4 (250% then 40%).

  24. guardianskull says:

    nostromo auriga version 264 I do not load any or download video to do something?

  25. Nicolas says:

    Hi Nostromo

    I have been following your work for a long time, since 2009. The first AMV I attended was the “Magic Pad” and since then I have several others.

    It’s extremely hard to pick a favorite, so many that I like: Magic Pad, Auriga, Galaxy Pad, Running Man, Binary Overdrive and now Distant Echo … Guy, you are a true genius and a great artist, I’m a big fan of you…

    I wish you success in your life.

    Cheers from Brazil ;D

  26. kyssifur says:

    I still have blending problems. Is there any solution to avoid blending?


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