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Binary Overdrive was created in collaboration with upcoming UK based dance/pop/synth sensation “Sugar Jesus”.

Sugar Jesus logo

The initial concept of this AMV started in an informal meeting/interview between Jeremy Hindle and Andrei (Sugar Jesus Frontman, Writer, Producer, you name it…).  During the afternoon Jeremy put forward the idea of possibly using AMV’s as a medium for an official music video.  Andrei although unfamiliar with the territory was completely game and always up for trying new things.  With the idea in it’s infancy Jeremy put together a collection of AMV’s (including some of my own I hear) for Andrei to watch and get a feel for them.  Not long into the escapade Andrei piped up with a “I’ve got a track I’m working on at the moment, which will work with this.  It’ll work well, really well!  Let’s do this!”


Meanwhile Jeremy contacted me and put forward the ideas which Andrei and himself were having which resulted in Andrei sending me an early version of the track to see if it was made of the right stuff.  The first version of the track (barely recognisable now what with all of the additions and enhancements) was already enough to make me want to use it.  Also being able to work directly with the artist allowed the song to be enhanced and altered in order to better suit the AMV.  This was an exciting prospect for me.

So the hunt for footage began…and the wonderfully artistic “Genius Party Beyond” film short “Dimension Bomb” by Koji Morimoto was the eventual port of call.  After a couple of weeks I finally had a basic timeline put together with footage that I was proud of.  I sent it over to the UK and everyone thought it was fantastic and a brilliant footage choice for the music.

And so… the fun work began…



Over then next few months I produced several versions and clips showing my progress back and forth to Andrei and Jeremy who gave their opinions and input, both positive and negative.  Andrei also, captivated by the developing AMV regularly went back to improve on his track stating, “It needs more, more punch, I really want this to have some spectacular energy to it!”.  When the video really started coming together I think we were all very excited with what we had created and putting the final polish on top was a very satisfying moment.



Andrei and Jeremy asked me to include this statement from them:

“Wow, what can we say?  We are really excited about the release of this video.  We have all put a lot of work into it’s production and are extremely satisfied with the result.  Working with Nostromo was a massive pleasure and indeed on many occasions felt like an honour.  Some of the footage and effects he manages to put together are truly inspiring and to top it all off he is a really fantastic guy!  The AMV community is a deep and friendly one and if the opportunity arises, we would love to do something like this again.  We really couldn’t have enjoyed putting this AMV together any more than we have and we really hope you enjoy watching it.”

This was truly a brilliant opportunity to make an AMV not just using a great track, but to make an AMV alongside a great track’s production. This, I and Andrei both feel, allowed for innovation and an improved production quality for both “Binary Overdrive” and his track “Get a Hold of Yourself”.  We’ve all learnt a lot and hopefully you will all enjoy watching as much as we have enjoyed creating this AMV.


Streaming (30fps) :


Direct download :

1280*720@60fps – (248MB)
640*360@60fps – (99MB)

Mirror download :

640*360@60fps (Hotfile mirror)
1280*720@60fps (Hotfile mirror)
1280*720@60fps (Akross mirror)


– About 1280*720@60fps version, if you notice audio/video delay, try to play with VLC
– This AMV is taking part in Akross AMV contest 2010
– Was made using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 + Twixtor plugin and Paintshop Pro 8
– Yes, I’m Nostromo
– Song title is “Sugar Jesus – Get A Hold Of Yourself” : download here
– Video footage are “Genius Party Beyond – Dimension Bomb” and “Passion” a music video from Utada Hikaru
– Please don’t upload it 1000 times on Youtube like my other AMVs


  1. DRAKYLA says:

    Some liked it, some not, some are so fond of you that may not have adequately assess your work. I personally do not like very much, although
    a matter of taste.

  2. g-money says:

    Much better work than the Pure Thrust AMV in my opinion. Definitely loved the music and animated effects on this AMV. Very good choice of anime, too. Made me go, “HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!”

    Keep the epic work going.

    Btw, I figured this would be amusing to post.
    I have no idea who made the motivational poster, but I certainly agree with it:

  3. midhras says:

    Well, again you’ve delivered an impressive AMV. I loved the editing and special effects, as well as the choice of images. It was a pity that I didn’t really enjoy the song. It goes to prove that an AMV’s enjoyment is really dependent on the sound as well as the visuals. The replayability of this offering will not be as large as your previous few AMV’s, in my case. But maybe the song will grow on me…

    Nice to see that you’ve opened up your own lair, though. This will make it easy to check up on your latest videos. Keep going strong!

  4. Anemone says:

    Watching Binary Overdrive has been amazing journey and the flow of sounds and visual just made me fly, thank you, thank you for creating something this wonderful.

  5. skystalker says:

    Awesome job!!! When i saw that you made AMV with Dimension Bomb i was soo happy i almost fell out of my chair. It has different feeling than an anime, and i like that. God, i cant stop watching your AMVs!!

  6. Shinji-Ikari says:

    Hey Nostromo,

    amasing video, thats the kind of AMV i like.
    all the clips you made are always in perfekt symbiosis with the musik, your style rules and i hope to see more work from you.

    greatings from germany, your fan Shinji!

  7. jed_ka says:


    I wish you all good in your new web page!

    this is a very nice AMV!

    good luck! for next projects

  8. Achille says:

    Désolé je ne suis pas très bon en anglais ^^’
    Dommage que l’upload sur daily ne soit pas “officiel”

    Great work 😉

  9. Kazuha says:

    It feels like we got a Hollywood professional which dedicates his time making AMVs for us. We appreciate it, Nostromo!

  10. chibs says:

    I really enjoyed it!
    I think the clips you choose for your AMVs are always stunning, and you make such good use of them. The music and video really complement each other.
    Anyway, timing and editing are impeccable, as always.
    Despite the music fitting the video, i do think you’ve used better songs in the past. But hey, music is subjective. I don’t hate it, but i don’t love it either. I do enjoy you using (relatively) unknown music.
    Anyway, keep up the good work 😉

  11. Chris Jean says:

    Amazing work again Nostromo. Thank you very much for the time you spend on these projects. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    I see that your site is running WordPress. I’m a WordPress dev and would love to have an opportunity repay you for all the countless hours of enjoyment I’ve gotten out of your videos. You have my email. If you ever need any theme or plugin development done, drop me an email.

  12. molly says:

    i loved that vid. i’ve only recently heard of you and i already know that you are amazing!! it’s all i can do to rip my eyes away from the screen when i watch your videos! pleas make more!!!!!!!

  13. esteban says:


    Translation: YOU ARE A GENIOUS!!!

  14. afterdark92 says:

    Well like all the others is that this is a great masterpiece and I love your videos havebeen a great inspiration, well, quite apart from that I have a question well I read the history of magic pad and talk about that mike shiver do you contact for but you refusedofficial video for the rights, in this case actually happened you could contact KojiMorimoto and ask for the rights to the images?

  15. Tiel says:

    Im not fan of AMV (its what teen age kids do, please dont get offended) and I rarely listen this kind of music, but I liked this one a lot. The song and the video it sinked into me like hot knife in butter. Although part of the reason that I like this might also be in my present life. The song made my mood and the worldview little bit more positive.

    • Nostromo says:

      For the average youtuber used to the usual naruto vs. bleach AMV featuring xXNaruto97lolxDXx and xXDarkKevinXx, I understand your opinion about teen age kids activity.
      But there are a lot of AMV makers who put a lot of effort and time in their videos and the result is sometimes even better than what you can see in professional music videos. Have a quick look at top 10% when you have time.
      Thx for the comment.

      • ThoseDays says:

        I’m a teen, and of course AMVs are awesome and very appealing to edit with, gives me time to focus on something properly.
        This is very unique, and right on the spot towards excellence.
        I hope you improve more n what you want, but you know, I think you’re at that level already, but who knows.

  16. Tiel says:

    I will look at it :) thanks for the tip.

  17. Paulo Hunter says:

    First sorry my bad english rsrsrsrsr:)

    I love your MV, congratulations, he got up on my phone. A
    Too bad he did not stay in the top 3 in Akross con. Looking forward to the next video. Goodbye!

  18. Endersothergame says:

    I have been watching your videos for some time, but this one, is simply stunning.

    I dont actually know what to say to properly compliment or endorse this further as I fear I dont have the words to do that competantly. SO just know this is easily my single most favorite video I have seen. Although I have no idea what you plan to release next that could top this amazing peice of work. Another colaberation maybe?

    Suffice it to say, my hats off to yourself and Sugar Jesus for an awe inspiring experience.

  19. Kotorigaro says:

    Binary Overdrive is definitely my favourite out of the amvs you’ve shared with us so far, it is truly stunning! Admittedly I know nothing about video editing, I fell in love with this video just as a work of art. You and Sugar Jesus did an amazing job, and I hope you get the opportunity to make a video conjointly with a music group/artist again!

  20. Nintendo Maniac 64 says:

    So, um, what is it about this AMV, Pure Thrust, and Running Man that make them the only 60fps AMVs without h.264/MP4 encodings? I would think that nowadays 8bit h.264/MP4 would be less processor intensive due to the use of hardware acceleration…

    (though I must admit, the DivX versions are useful in some rare cases where h.264 acceleration isn’t available or doesn’t seem to work correctly for 60fps content, such as LG’s WebOS on the 55EC9300 OLED TV)

    • Nintendo Maniac 64 says:

      Err, correction – Running Man has an h.264/MP4 encoding, but it’s not HD.

      • Nintendo Maniac 64 says:

        …though apparently the Akross mirror has a 720p 60fps h.264/MP4 encoding. Seeing how such a version isn’t listed on here, is it same to say that, much like Running Man, that may be a re-encoding from the 720p 60fps DivX version?

        • Nostromo says:

          I left divx and went with h264 in 2011. Divx was my main codec for all my videos before that. I made a h264 for Auriga and updated the post. Others like Running Man have a h264 encoded by other people (using lossless source). I will update everything one day with better encoding and maybe few corrections, improvements and adjustments in the videos.


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