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Premiered: 2012-07-07

  Summer AMV entered in Japan Expo 2012 AMV contest and got 6th place for general ranking and 2nd for public vote. I actually started this project last year, in August. I had to put it in standby between October and April in order to complete Galaxy Bounce 2012.

2012/08/15 update : Making of video available


  My original idea was to make the entire video using only eye zoom shots. It’s a very common type of scene that you can find in a lot of anime. I did manage to get a lot of those scenes but I quickly realized during editing that it would be very hard to merge them together unless they have the right trajectory, speed, length, animation and face expression. Considering this, it turned out that I only had enough to make a 1 minute sequence.

I decided to expand my concept to other types of scenes commonly found in anime such as arc shots, fast forward travelling, time freeze, sky pan and free fall.

Also, If you looked at Galaxy Bounce 2012 carefully, you should recognize some scenes that were used as overlay on the screens in the beginning. I took them directly from the first export of Quantum Ripples that I did just before starting on GB 2012.









Various (69)

  Ah! My Goddess (Movie) Dragon Crisis! (TV) Naruto Shippuuden (TV)
  Air Eden (PC) Night Wizard (TV)
  Ar Tonelico (PS2) Eden of the East: Paradise Lost (Movie) Nitronic Rush (Game)
  Artificial Paradise Inc. (3D) Eden of the East: The King of Eden (Movie) No.6 (TV)
  Akryls (3D) Ef – A Fairy Tale of the Two (Game) Ore No Imouto (TV)
  Amazing Nuts! (OAV) Ef – The Latter Tale (Game) Overdrive (Game)
  Animatrix Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV) Ray (TV)
  Ashita No Kimi (Game) Fortune Arterial (PC) Rez (Game)
  Bakemonogatari (TV) Fractale (TV) Seitokai no Ichizon (TV)
  Baldr Force EXE (Game) Freedom (OAV) Shakugan no Shana Second (TV)
  Baldr Sky Dive1 Lost Memory (Game) Futurama Shikabane Hime: Aka (TV)
  Beatmania IIDX 14th Gold (PS2) Genius Party (Movie) Shuffle! (PC)
  Black Rock Shooter (Game) Guilty Crown (TV) Sora No Otoshimono
  Broken Blade (Movie) Gunbuster 2 (Aim for the Top! 2) Stargate (Movie)
  Byousoku 5 Centimeter Gundam 00 Suzumiya Haruhi chan no Yuutsu
  C – The Money of Soul (TV) Gurren Lagann (TV) To Aru Kagaku No Railgun
  Hackers (Movie) Toki Wo Kakeru Shojo
  Chaos;Head Noah (Xbox 360) Heroman (TV) True Tears
  Clannad (TV) Kamisama no Memochou Twinkle Crusaders (PC)
  Global Astroliner Gou (OVA) Macross Frontier (TV) Vexille (Movie)
  Death Note (TV) Mahoromatic: Summer Special Xam’d: Lost Memories (TV)
  DJ Max Black Square (PSP) Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Yogurting (Game)
  DJ Max Clazziquai Edition (PSP) Minecraft (Game) Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei


  Huge footage list. Besides anime, you’ll find movies like Hackers and Stargate, games like DJ Max, Rez and Minecraft and also some 3D short films such as Akryls and Artificial Paradise Inc. that I put in the intro/outro. Footage selection required a lot of time in order to match the original concept of the video





D.I.M. – Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix)

  I discovered both D.I.M. and Le Castle Vania with this song. D.I.M. isn’t really the kind of music I like but I had a look at Le Castle Vania’s other songs and remixes: heavy electro with a small dubstep influence, dynamic and original. Le Castle Vania is now on my top 10 farourite electro artists.






 * h264 10bit requires heavy CPU power and updated codec like cccp


  1. DJCosplay says:

    nice nice work!!
    the song is very amazing!!

    suerte! for the next AMV :3

  2. Kazuha Vinland says:

    That certainly brought a grin to my face, hehe.. raw effects, dude!

    I like how your videos always follows a concept or theme. Like tunnels in this one. And each time, I think you are the best in the world at that exact effect. It’s crazy.

  3. Eake4 says:

    Another amazing Nostromo creation, The colour correction was perfect in my opinion

  4. MimS says:

    Entre nous, je suis bien heureux que tu n’aies pas eu assez de sources pour les zooms dans les yeux. C’est marrant que ça ait été ton concept original car la partie du clip lui étant dédiée est celle qui pour moi gâche la vidéo et, de ce que je sais, il en a été de même au jugement.
    Intéressant le décalage entre ton intention et la réception de spectateur haha

    Between us, I’m very happy you didn’t have enough footages with eye zoom. It’s funny to discover make a whole vid using them was your original idea since this is the part of the vid that I really don’t like, it ruins everything imho and, from what I know, judges thought same this.
    Interesting to see this difference between you and your ideas and us viewers

    • Nostromo says:

      Interesting. Well, I still like the final render, I think the merged eye zoom sequence (although I admit is not perfect) is a strong asset of the video and for now I’m getting mostly good reviews.

      • Stokkie says:

        It is always important to remember that art/anything creative is very subjective.
        Personaly I liked the eye zooms.
        And like almost any video with nostromo though so I might be a bit biased 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    ” and got xxth place” :
    => 6°
    Good job, not your best & vibe very special

  6. yumelet says:

    what a cool video

  7. FyeD says:

    Omg j’arrive pas à croire que t’es pas décrocher la première place avec ce clip. Y’avais que le clip seconde place qui aurait pu rivaliser à peut prêt. Je sais pas si tu as eu l’occasion de les voir aussi. Btw t’as fini second vote du public, si défois tu savais pas.

    • Nostromo says:

      Excellent, merci pour l’info.

    • Naruto-vs-sasuke ~ says:

      En français :

      Carrément pas d’accord !

      Le montage de Nostro reste du Nostro mais c’est carrément inégale !
      stickygaiden ( arrivé 2°) est assez mortel (j’ai vu en remerciement Nostro justement).
      Mais face à Creed arrivé 1° où lui aucun défaut de montage, de scènes recyclés, de pb de chara design qui peut choquer et tout … ne transparait ..
      Nan franchement : Je peux adorer ce que fais Nostro mais il pouvait pas être 1°.

      j’ai par contre hésiter sur le prix du public parce que certains passage sont assez mortel ~
      Nostro franchement tu devrais clipper que des passages speed de dubstep t’es meilleur à ça je vais finir par croire ~

      J’ai juste un peu la haine pour toi que Luciole et son clip franchemnt pas terrible de One piece soit devant toi, je veux pas insulter Luciole mais je hais ce clip, tout comme son comportement prétentieux sur AMVfr.

      AMVfr comme d’hab met 300 ans à mettre les résultats, honnêtement le 1° & 2° mérite le détour. Le tiens aussi, les autres … déjà que moi je moi je m’endors pour être polie, alors toi …

      Bref, félicitation pour la place et le prix du public.

  8. Myoko says:

    Par-fait plus je le vois plus je l’adore la synchro le timing le mélange des animes l’ambiance…à vrai dire le seul “gros” défaut c’est d’avoir mit du naruto qui fait vraiment tache comparé aux animes; sa fait légèrement sortir du clip, par contre à 03:17 le passage minecraft est vraiment nikel fin bref’ ta un réel talent pour composé des clip avec un paquet d’animes (Auriga qui reste le meilleur clip que j’ai jamais vu) je prefere largement ce style ou tu peux vraiment dévoilé ta puissance en montage,à tes amv réalisé qu’avec une seul source.

    Ensuite on va pas revenir sur l’éternel débat du classement mais bordel personellement tu méritais d’être plus haut !

    Bonne contiuation

  9. Anonymous says:

    Je l’ai aimé cette AMV, Je remarque que vous utilisez quelques animation pas trop connue et pour vous dire votre style a changer.
    depuis votre montage “Radical Sequence”.
    Adobe P pro CS 5 fait aussi du suivi d’image comme AE after Effect?
    -PS: L’anime BRS peut aussi servir d’exemple, non?

  10. Mongol says:

    This video was like Nostromo unleashed; so much visual candy!

  11. Unknownable says:

    Amazing work as always Nostromo

  12. Axell says:

    really good clip, I love the song and I really like your work, the only part that I don’t like is from 2:00 to 2:27 ( the part in which there are zooms in the eyes ) but besides that I really like your clip. :)

  13. erejnion says:

    So, let’s try to list the stuff that wasn’t perfect.

    1) The fast forward sequence, as it felt as something old and done before.
    2) The two Death Note segments in the eyes sequence.

    …but it balances out with some pure genius transitions, for example the one with the airplane, or the KamiMemo eye, or the fade-out of name of the song at the start… so, all in all, perfect video. Still like Running Man more, tho.

  14. Elohir says:

    I thank you for your work on the AMV 2012.
    It’s very nice to hear but also to watch.
    Greetz for this job and good luck for the next !

  15. KwizatZART says:

    Merci, tes AMVs sont toujours un vrai régal pour les yeux et les oreilles !
    Sinon juste une petite question car je n’ai pas retrouvé même avec ta partie footage: à 47 et 48s la fille avec les cheveux roses vient de quel anime stp ?

  16. Aaronax says:

    J’aime beaucoup ton travail, même si du côté musique, je trouve que ça penche du côté expérimental retravaillé, surtout avec Quantum Ripples qui pourtant se laisse écouter avec plaisir.
    Dans celui-ci, j’apprécie la partie entre 1:26 min et 1:46 et où certains objets ou effets sont animés tandis que le fond reste statique. Le déplacement donne un effet… différent.

  17. hakan says:

    Nostromo (producer) and my thoughts are thoughts of many separate images to each other form, by clicking yatkın.tabi I know that I can not amv. çalışmarı do I support, you can do more iyisinide.

      Thought to AMV;
                   This research continues on how the universe formed there. found as a subatomic particle final. scientists agree that this thread is god. me again, this AMV, the universe is a perfect setting, the system is done and how much of an asset that it reminded me of that. GOD, IS A WIFE WITHOUT BALANCE.
          With esteem.

  18. Mr_ White says:

    Minecraft, Strargate… wtf man?
    nice work btw!

  19. totatola says:

    This AMV is such a pleasure to watch. Great work as usual!

    I’ve got a request, though. If isn’t too much to ask, could you please upload a 30 FPS version of this (or give me instructions on how to reduce frame rate while keeping the same image quality, as well as the synchronization between video and audio using free software)? My laptop isn’t capable of running the 60 FPS version properly (the video runs slower than the audio). I’ve tried downloading and playing the YouTube version of it (720p) on KMPlayer. It runs very smoothly, but the image quality is much worse than that of the 60 FPS versions available on this page. I hereby thank you in advance for the attention and for making this awesome AMV.

    • Nostromo says:

      Do you have this problem with 8b and 10b version ? I used to make a 30fps version of my AMVs but that was 4 years ago. Computers now should be able to handle it and for the few who can’t, there’s always Youtube as you pointed out. I assume you’ll update your configuration soon and meanwhile, the Youtube quality even though not awesome is still kinda ok. Have you tried playing it in VLC ? I noticed VLC was good at keeping audio/video sync.

      • totatola says:

        Both the 8b and 10b versions produce this problem. I’ve tried running the video on VLC before, and it does indeed keep audio/video sync, but the video playback isn’t smooth. My laptop kinda sucks by nowadays standards (it has an on-board video card, 4GB RAM and a 2.16Ghz Dual Core CPU), so I don’t really think the media players are to blame. The AMV runs great on my desktop, but I rarely use it (and I won’t be able to use it at all in the next few months due to university). On second thought, requesting this was a bit selfish. I’ll just google a way to reduce the frame rate myself. Again, thank you for the attention.

        • Nintendo Maniac 64 says:

          Super-duper late response, but try it in MPC-HC – it’s software h.264 decoder is surprisingly fast. It won’t drop frames to keep audio in sync, but the decoder should be fast enough that it won’t need to.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Superbe travail comme d’habitude. Vous avez beaucoup de talent. Merci.

  21. AlexBodewig says:

    Nice, many amazing anime. I also saw Minecraft and Nitronic Rush, are you a fan of those games?

  22. Suigintou says:

    Effects the best that are, the rest the author and without having found itself has not wished or has not managed to enclose.
    Empty beautiful roller with supereffects, without what or sense. Bright as shining effects, an empty jar from under beer.

  23. Suigintou says:

    À moi un tel clip non зделать, c’est exact! De sorte que de la chance! J’espère à toi on réussira à souder le scénario aux futurs clips!

  24. exaella says:

    Un très beau clip!
    А pourquoi est absent 1080p@60p ?

  25. exaella says:

    La configuration de mien HW :
    OS: Win7x64
    CPU: Core i7 920 4GHz (D0, 16MB[USE SIS RAM] L2)
    Cooler/TM: Noctua NH-D14/Arctic Cooling MX-3
    MB: ASUS Rampage II Extreme (bios 2101)
    RAM: DDR3 6(3×2)GB Transcend 1333MHz (1524MHz)
    A/V: Royal X-Fi (64MB)/HD4770 (512MB[Est extrêmement faible pour 1080p@60])
    BP: Seasonic X-750(SS 750MK)
    HDD: [(I/O)>1GB]
    SIS: VelociRaptor WD4500HLHX 450GB (10krpm)
    Store: WD15EARS 3(1.5×2)TB
    ST3000M001 6(3×2)TB

  26. vikii (itachi777) says:

    On retrouve bien ta pate, j’aime toujours autant style même aprés 6 années d’amv ( meme si je ne clippe plus)
    Toujours un plaisir!

  27. jed_ka says:

    Very good AMV work!

    Mach weiter so! du machst ganz toll AMV!

  28. knockout says:

    Hi! At 0:31, i saw that opening from Naruto S., how did you removed the credits/main titles(i’m not really sure how to say)?By the way, great AMV! 😀 This is one of my favorites, the others being Auriga and Running Man.

  29. Pikiwi says:

    C’est fou à quel point on dirait qu’une histoire est recrée à partir de toute les séquences que tu as pu mettre afin de créer cet AMV, on dirait un truc qui passe par le temps et l’espace à la vitesse éclair et qui est à la recherche d’un truc, sans ce truc il est bloquer dans le temps présent et ça bug, c’est fou c’que l’imagination travail en regardant tes clips c’est génial, Need more !

  30. robbieagray says:

    So what is the anime that has the crying little girl with the teddy bear and the tv screens behind her?

  31. robbieagray says:

    I am talking about the anime at 2:22

  32. Stormthorn says:

    Part of me is a little pissed that someone else did this. After watching a few of my fav animes again I was wondering if you could do an AMV with nothing but eye zooms and orbital pan shots. I looked then but didnt find anything. Two months later I find this, which means at the time I was less than 6 months behind someone else in having this idea. And it feels kinda like it was stolen out from under me.

    The other part of me is glad it got done at all, and done so well at that. With a more practical consideration than my inital idea.

  33. StephaneP says:

    Est-ce que ça serait possible d’avoir un lien DDL pour cet amv ? Les liens mediafire sont morts et les DDL amènent à un streaming :/ En tout cas c’est un superbe travail, encore un grand bravo à toi !

  34. Glaab says:

    Toujours aussi lourd cet amv.

  35. Nezuism says:

    Nostromo makes true AMV’s and the best in the world. No one can compete!

    Ive been a fan of you since 2009. Keep up to awesome work!

  36. Yananka says:


    Petit passage pour demander de quel anime est tiré la séquence à 2m41s (la fille sur la moto en bleu et noir)?
    Car, là, ça devient une obsession. Je regarde cet AMV en boucle pour me booster tous les jours (ou presque, des fois je tente de me desintox), et cette séquence me hante.

    Sinon, à titre personnel, je trouve que cet AMV est le meilleur de la production Nostromo :
    Les séquences s’enchainent de façon logique, celles en semi ralenti sont splendides.
    Les incrustations qui ne viennent pas du monde de l’anime passe nickel (chapeau pour la séquence Minecraft).
    Le choix de la musique est …. Énorme !!!!!!! Ce morceau est magique et le rythme des séquences lui colle à la peau.

    Bref, un chef d’œuvre !!!!


  37. Nintendo Maniac 64 says:

    So uh, I’ve discovered a total bastardization of this video and “Distant Echo” that works surprisingly well.

    Simply put, using something like mkvtoolnix, take the video stream for “Quantum Ripples”, add in the audio stream from “Distant Echo”, delay said audio for 5000ms.

    Amazingly, even with something that basic, you end up with quite a few video-audio synchronizations. Now it’s not perfect, but honestly it could probably pass as a legit AMV (and not in the “babies first AMV” type of way).


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